NHL Drafted Players

2016 DRAFT

Michael Pezzetta Drafted to Montreal with the 160th pick

Dmitry Sokolov Drafted to Minnesota with the 196th pick

2015 DRAFT

Kyle Capobianco Drafted to Arizona with the 63rd pick.

Matt Schmalz Drafted to Los Angeles with the 134th pick.

2014 DRAFT

Pavel Jenys Drafted to Minnesota with the 199th pick.

2013 DRAFT

Nick Baptiste Drafted to Buffalo with the 69th pick, currently playing for them.

Dominik Kubalik Drafted to Los Angeles with the 191st pick.

2011 DRAFT

Josh Leivo Drafted to Toronto with the 86th pick, currently playing for them.

Justin Sefton Drafted to San Jose with the 89th pick.

Frank Corrado Drafted to Vancouver with the 150th pick, currently with Pittsburgh, played for Vancouver and Toronto.

Johan Mattsson Drafted to Chicago with the 211th pick.

2010 DRAFT

John McFarland Drafted to Florida with the 33rd pick.  Played 3 games with Florida.

Michael Sgarbossa Signed by San Jose as a Free Agent, currently with Florida, played for Colorado and Anaheim.

2009 DRAFT

Marcus Foligno Drafted by Buffalo with the 104th pick, currently playing for them.

Daniel Maggio Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 170th pick.

2008 DRAFT

Eric O’Dell Drafted by Anaheim with the 39th pick, played 41 NHL games with Winnipeg.

Jared Staal Drafted by Phoenix with the 49th pick, played 2 NHL games with Carolina.

2007 DRAFT

Akim Aliu Drafted by Chicago with the 56th pick.

2006 DRAFT

Nick Foligno Drafted by Ottawa with the 28th pick, currently playing for Columbus, played for Ottawa.

Devin Didiomete Drafted by Calgary with the 187th pick.

2005 DRAFT

Benoit Pouliot Drafted by Minnesota with the 4th pick, currently playing for Edmonton, played for Minnesota, Montreal, Boston, Tampa Bay, and New York.

Marc Staal Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 12th pick, currently playing for them.

Adam McQuaid Drafted by Columbus with the 55th pick, currently playing for Boston.

Kevin Beech Drafted by Tampa Bay with the 165th pick.

2003 DRAFT

Zach Stortini Drafted by Edmonton with the 94th pick, played 257 NHL games with Edmonton and Nashville

2002 DRAFT

Andrei Mikhnov Drafted by St. Louis with the 62nd pick.

2001 DRAFT

Fedor Federov Drafted by Vancouver with the 66th pick, played 18 NHL games with Vancouver and New York.

Mike Smith Drafted by Dallas with the 161st pick, currently playing for Arizona, played for Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Phoenix.

Matt Suderman Drafted by Atlanta with the 199th pick.

1999 DRAFT

Taylor Pyatt Drafted by the New York Islanders with the 8th pick, played 928 NHL games with N.Y.I., Buffalo, Vancouver, Phoenix, N.Y.R., and Pittsburgh.

Alexei Semenov Drafted by Edmonton with the 36th pick, played 219 NHL games with Edmonton, Florida, and San Jose.

Jason Jaspers Drafted by Phoenix with the 71st pick, played 9 NHL games with Phoenix.

Brian McGrattan Drafted by Los Angeles with the 104th pick, played 317 NHL games with Ottawa, Phoenix, Calgary, and Nashville.

Derek MacKenzie Drafted by Atlanta with the 128th pick, currently playing for Florida, played for Atlanta and Columbus.

1998 DRAFT

Mike Fisher Drafted by Ottawa with the 44th pick, currently playing for Nashville, played for Ottawa.

Norm Milley Drafted by Buffalo with the 47th pick, played 29 NHL games with Buffalo and Tampa Bay.

Ryan Barnes Drafted by Detroit with the 55th pick, played 2 NHL games with Detroit.

Kip Brennan Drafted by Los Angeles with the 103rd pick, played 61 NHL games with Los Angeles, Atlanta, Anaheim, and New York.

Andrew Raycroft Drafted by Boston with the 135th pick, played 393 NHL games with Boston, Toronto, Colorado, Vancouver and Dallas.

1997 DRAFT

Paul Mara Drafted by Tampa Bay with the 7th pick, played 767 NHL games with Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Boston, New York, Montreal and Anaheim.

Jeremy Adduono Drafted by Buffalo with the 184th pick

Chris Kerr Drafted by Edmonton with the 205th pick

1996 DRAFT

Steve Valiquette Drafted by Los Angeles with the 190th pick, played 46 NHL games with New York and Edmonton.

1995 DRAFT

Richard Rochefort Drafted by New Jersey with the 174th pick

David MacDonald Drafted by the New York Islanders with the 210th pick

1994 DRAFT

Luc Gagne Drafted by Los Angeles with the 163rd pick

Andrew Dale Drafted by Los Angeles with the 189th pick


1993 DRAFT

Mike Wilson Drafted by Vancouver with the 20th pick, played 365 NHL games with Buffalo, Florida, Pittsburgh, and New York.

Rory Fitzpatrick Drafted by Montreal with the 47th pick, played 307 NHL games with Montreal, St. Louis, Nashville, Buffalo, Vancouver and Philadelphia.

Jamie Rivers Drafted by St. Louis with the 63rd pick, played 469 NHL games with St. Louis, New York, Ottawa, Boston, Florida, Detroit, and Phoenix.

Zdenek Nedved Drafted by Toronto with the 123rd pick, played 31 games with Toronto.

Rick Bodkin Drafted by Ottawa with the 131st pick

Rod Hinks Drafted by New York with the 196th pick

Joel Poirier Drafted by Washington with the 199th pick

Barrie Moore Drafted by Buffalo with the 39th pick, played 39 NHL games with Buffalo, Edmonton, and Washington.

Ryan Shanahan Drafted by Detroit with the 230th pick

Jamie Matthews Drafted by San Jose with the 262nd pick

1992 DRAFT

Brandon Convery Drafted by Toronto with the 8th pick, played 77 NHL games with Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

Derek Armstrong Drafted by New York Islanders with the 128th pick, played 477 NHL games with both New York teams, Ottawa, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.

1991 DRAFT

Glen Murray Drafted by Boston with the 18th pick, played 1103 NHL games with Boston, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.

Jamie Matthews Drafted by Chicago with the 44th pick.

Jason Young Drafted by Buffalo with the 57th pick.

Terry Chitaroni Drafted by Toronto with the 69th pick

Dan Ryder Drafted by San Jose with the 89th pick

Sean O’Donnell Drafted by Buffalo with the 123rd  pick, played 1330 NHL games with Los Angeles, Minnesota, New Jersey, Boston, Phoenix, Anaheim, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Barry Young Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 128th pick

Bill Kovacs Drafted by Washington with the 256th pick

1990 DRAFT

David Goverde Drafted by Los Angeles with the 91st pick, played 5 NHL games with Los Angeles

Paul Dipietro Drafted by Montreal with the 102nd pick, played 192 NHL games with Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

1989 DRAFT

Adam Bennett Drafted by Chicago with the 6th pick, played 69 NHL games with Chicago and Edmonton.

1987 DRAFT

Todd Laloonde Drafted by Boston with the 56th pick

1986 DRAFT

Ken McRae Drafted by Quebec with the 18th pick, played 143 NHL games with Quebec and Toronto.

Mike Hudson Drafted by Chicago with the 140th pick, played 465 NHL games with Chicago, Edmonton, New York, Pittsburgh, Toronto, St. Louis, and Phoenix.

Rob Wilson Drafted by Pittsburgh with the 235th pick

1985 DRAFT

Craig Duncanson Drafted by Los Angeles with the 9th pick, played 38 games with Los Angeles, Winnipeg and New York.

Max Middendorf Drafted by Quebec with the 57th pick, played 13 NHL games with Quebec and Edmonton.

Dave Moylan Drafted by Buffalo with the 77th pick

Brad Belland Drafted by Chicago with the 95th pick

Jamie Nadjiwan Drafted by Washington with the 145th pick

1984 DRAFT

Jeff Brown Drafted by Quebec with the 36th pick, played 834 NHL games with Quebec, St. Louis, Vancouver, Hartford, Carolina, Toronto and Washington.

Glenn Grennough Drafted by Chicago with the 153rd pick

1982 DRAFT

Tim Hrynewich Drafted by Pittsburgh with the 38th pick, played 55 games with Pittsburgh.

Pat Verbeek Drafted by New Jersey with the 43rd pick, played 1541 NHL games with New Jersey, Hartford, New York, Dallas and Detroit.

Mike Savage Drafted by Winnipeg with the 201st pick.

Jim Koudys Drafted by the New York Islanders with the 252nd pick.

1981 DRAFT

Mike Sands Drafted by Minnesota with the 31st pick, played 6 NHL games with them.

1980 DRAFT

Mike Allison Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 35th pick, played 581 NHL games with New York, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Don Beaupre Drafted by Minnesota with the 37th pick, played 684 games with Minnesota, Washington, Ottawa and Toronto.

Paul Mercier Drafted by Philadelphia with the 63rd pick.

Randy Hillier Drafted by Boston with the 102nd pick, played 571 NHL games with Boston, Pittsburgh, New York and Buffalo.

Frank Perkins Drafted by Washington with the 131st pick,

Mike Martin Hartford 134th

Dan Frawley Drafted by Chicago with the 204th pick, played 274 NHL games with Chicago and Pittsburgh.

1979 DRAFT

Mike Foligno Drafted by Detroit with the 3rd pick, played 1075 NHL games with Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto and Florida.

Dale Hunter Drafted by Quebec with the 41st pick, played 1593 NHL games with Quebec, Washington and Colorado.

Shane Swan Drafted by Vancouver with the 110th pick,

1978 DRAFT

Dave Hunter Drafted by Montreal with the 17th pick, played 85 WHA games with Edmonton, 851 NHL games with Edmonton, Pittsburgh and Winnipeg.

Brad Smith Drafted by Vancouver with the 57th pick, played 242 NHL games with Vancouver, Atlanta, Calgary, Detroit and Toronto.

Mike Gazdic Drafted by Buffalo with the 66th pick.

Dan McCarthy Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 223rd pick, played 5 NHL games with New York.

1977 DRAFT

Ron Duguay Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 13th pick, played 949 NHL games with New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles.

Randy Pierce Drafted by Colorado with the 47th pick, played 279 NHL games with Colorado, New Jersey and Hartford.

Hector Marini Drafted by the New York Islanders with the 50th pick, played 164 NHL games with New York and New Jersey.

John Baby Drafted by Cleveland with the 59th pick, played 26 NHL games with Cleveland and Minnesota.

1976 DRAFT

Rod Schutt Drafted by Montreal with the 13th pick, played 308 NHL games with Montreal, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Alex McKendry Drafted by the New York Islanders with the 14th pick, played 52 NHL games with New York and Calgary.

Dave Farrish Drafted by the New York Rangers with the 24th pick, played 444 NHL games with New York, Quebec, and Toronto.

Randy Carlyle Drafted by Toronto with the 30th pick, played 1124 NHL games with Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Winnipeg.

Jim Bedard Drafted by Washington with the 91st pick, played 73 games with Washington.

1975 DRAFT

Bobby Russel Drafted by Los Angeles with the 105th pick, played 115 WHA games with Edmonton.

Richie Hansen Drafted by New York Islanders with the 119th pick, played 20 NHL games with New York and St. Louis.

Paul Crowley Drafted by Toronto with the 166th pick, played 4 WHA games with Toronto.

Geoff Green Drafted by New York Islanders with the 183rd pick.

1974 DRAFT

Gord McTavish Drafted by Montreal with the 15th pick, played 11 games with St. Louis and Winnipeg.

Mike Marson Drafted by Washington with the 19th pick, played 196 NHL games with Washington and Los Angeles.

Don McLean Drafted by Philadelphia with the 35th pick, played 9 NHL games with Washington.

Bob Volpe Drafted by Chicago with the 106th pick.

Bill Best Drafted by Boston with the 108th pick.

Glenn McLeod Drafted by Detroit with the 151st pick.

1973 DRAFT

Morris Titanic Drafted by Buffalo with the 12th pick, played 19 NHL games with Buffalo.

Eric Vail Drafted by Atlanta with the 21st pick, played 611 NHL games with Atlanta and Calgary.

Randy Holt Drafted by Chicago with the 45th pick, played 416 NHL games with Chicago, Cleveland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Calgary, Washington, and Philadelphia.

Tom Colley Drafted by Minnesota with the 57th pick, played 1 NHL game with Minnesota.

Tom Young Drafted by Philadelphia with the 106th pick.

Max Hansen Drafted by Minnesota with the 163rd pick.