Jack Thompson: Academic Spotlight presented by Teachers Life

JTsmall2My name is Jack Thompson and this is my Teacher Life Academic Spotlight story. Growing up, while pursuing my hockey dreams, my parents always made sure school was my main priority. They always told me if I didn’t do my best at school, I would not be allowed to play hockey, and obviously that made me work very hard at my academics. Playing for the Sudbury Wolves, we have amazing coaches, academic advisors and teachers to make sure players stay caught up and focused on our education. Their support has made moving between high schools and balancing sport and education easier for me and I can’t thank them
enough for that.

JTsmallBeing very busy with hockey and doing long road trips isn’t always easy. I have developed a strong work ethic because of this, I plan ahead to make sure I am always well organized. Sometimes that means studying on the bus, or in hotel rooms, or just finding time after practice to finish assignments. I was determined to stay caught up with my classes at school and this helped reduce my stress, giving me extra confidence and time to focus on just playing hockey with no distractions.

The life skills you make from being a student athlete is something that you can’t teach. Time management and prioritizing your work is something I know I’ll be using for the rest of my life, not just in school. Most kids don’t have to experience the stress of moving away from home and having to balance playing hockey at the highest junior level while going to school. This experience makes us mature at a younger age than most. Once we, the players, move on from our playing careers, we can use these skill sets we have developed, to find our post hockey careers.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-09 at 4.58.31 PMCurrently, I am taking an accounting for managers course at Athabasca University in the faculty of Business. Athabasca University is Canada’s leading online institution. This is perfect because I do not have to be in class and I can do the work online, on my own time. With a lot of moving and travelling, being in class can be impossible. Athabasca gives me the opportunity to continue my schooling and be at home during these tough, unprecedented times. It is important for me to continue my academic career. This has given me the ability to continue to pursue my hockey dreams while balancing education. Continuing with my education, keeps my mind sharp, while learning new things along the way, which is always a bonus. You never know what opportunities may arise and having the ability to continue to expand my knowledge and interests will preparing me for success after my playing career.


“Teachers Life are proud sponsors of the OHL’s Academic Spotlight Program,” says Doug Baker, President and CEO of Teachers Life. “The dedication of the OHL’s student-athletes to their education mirrors Teachers Life’s commitment to students and educators across the province. By celebrating these athletes, they become role models to kids in their communities through their dedication to academic excellence, integrity and curiosity.”

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